Monday, February 8, 2010

Down and Out Oven

As mentioned previously, I have two new roommates. They're great, and we've already had several adventures. One of which I would like to share with you all. One Saturday, while I was taking a nap, one of my roommates (J) decided to cook dinner for some friends and family. While cooking, she was trying to change the oven from bake to broil. It wasn't switching over, so naturally she pushed the button harder. Turns out she pushed the button so hard that the oven's display caved into the oven. It still worked, it was just inside the oven. Well, she finished preparing the food and people came over and they ate. By this time, I had woken up and entered the kitchen where J confessed it all to me. I laughed and didn't think it was that big of a deal, but she still felt bad. Her brother is a Mr. Fixit and offered his assistance. He pulled it out and had at it with wire to try to get the display to stay back out. While all of this was going on, I was thinking to myself, "You know, we should probably unplug it, and I don't think we should be using wire." Did I say anything? No. I figured her brother had it under control. Then, my other roommate (B) decided to help out. Not the best idea because she moved the wire, not realizing she had moved it to where the live wires were. As soon as they touched, POW! All the electricity went out. Luckily nobody was zapped. We found flashlights and went to the fuse box in the hall, but apparently it wasn't the main box. We search the garage, the crawl space, and outside. We finally found it and got the electricity back on. We went back to the oven and the display was black and fried. Most of us, including myself, found the whole situation to be quite entertaining, but my roommates felt really bad for nuking the oven. They offered to buy a new display and her brother said he would install it. They looked around for the part, but nobody had it and they had to end up special ordering it. By the time we got the part and her brother could get it installed, it had been two weeks. We had survived for two weeks with a microwave and a crockpot. Not the most enjoyable two weeks, but totally worth the story.

Shipwrecking Party

This last Christmas I decided to make an awesome gingerbread creation. Instead of a regular house, I made a shipwrecked pirate ship, complete with giant hole for swag to fall out of. Totally cool beans! Just take a look.

After weeks of display on my dining room table, I decided it was finally time to complete the shipwrecking. So, I had a shipwrecking party. To celebrate, I invited many of my crazy friends, we dressed all piratey, and we went to Pirate Island. While there we had our favorite waiter, who then attacked one of my friends to get her pirate booty.

After our excursion to Pirate Island, we went back to my place and commenced Operation: Shipwreck. We began with Nerf-like guns and balls. Everyone took several shots, and we dented the ship, but no complete destruction.

So, a few of my friends and I decided it would be much more effective to just use our fists.

It was, indeed, much more effective.

The milk was then distributed and the ship was thoroughly enjoyed.