Thursday, July 16, 2009

Disco Fever

So, I love helping with the student activities at the ELC, and this semester I got the chance to plan one. I was asked to plan the midterm dance for the students. I was thrilled. The theme I chose...Disco. It took a lot of planning and organizing, but the students LOVED it.

Instead of the food they usually have at activities and dances (pizza, sandwiches, cookies, etc) I did fondue. Huge success...not to pat myself on the back too hard or anything...but hey, it was a brilliant idea.

This is me with my present roommate, Soonyeun. She works at the ELC too. I dressed as Cher. Can you tell I like orange?

At the Halloween dance last year a bunch of the teachers/staff got together and did a "Thriller" performance for the students. I thought it would be cool if we did something like it for this dance. So, my friend, Trevor (the guy with the green hair which I still don't consider Disco), is a dancer and choreographed the performance. We danced to "Saturday Night Fever." The next several pictures are of the performance. It was frickin' incredible.

Now the picture above isn't exactly the best, but I included it to tell what was going on at this moment. We went right up to the crowd of students to do these cool moves and some male students who were directly in front of me started to grab my clothing and hair (wig) and scream their guts out. Well, I decided to get into it and pumped up my groove. They freaked out even more. Quite entertaining. I must say that I have never quite been in that same situation before.

Here's a pic of the crowd of students.

Me and my friend Trevor. We're just a touch crazy. My ginormous fake orange eye lashes had fallen off at this point. Too bad.

A student of mine from last semester. He's absolutely nuts, which means he is absolutely entertaining.

Behind the scenes in the kitchen. Had to start working on those dishes that got incredibly dirty making all of the fondue sauce. We did chocolate and cheese.

Me and one of my students. It was clean up time and it's hard to clean with a 2 1/2 - 3 foot wig on your head, so I meandered around with my wig cap. Yeah, I know I look weird, but accept it.