Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Not So Normal Use for a Body Pillow

So, in mid-December of last year my roommate moved back to Korea. Very, very sad day. But a few weeks later, two of my other friends, who happen to be sisters, moved in. Now, to prepare for the move I decided to move into the smaller bedroom. I figured it would be much fairer if I let them have the bigger room to share. (Side note: After living in the biggest room you have ever lived in, it's hard to move to a smaller one.) A friend of mine helped me move my stuff to the other room one snowy afternoon. In the process of trying to make everything fit, I needed to measure my bed and the space I wanted to leave for it. Problem: I had no measuring tape. Solution: Use my huge, orange body pillow. As I was measuring my friend was laughing her head off and completely doubting my methods. Result: It fit with about 6 inches to spare. Go me!