Friday, October 15, 2010

Stupid Drivers

I find it amazing how many drivers do not see the cars around them when they drive. During the last month or so it seems like I have been getting cut off by other drivers much more that usual. They'll pull out in front of me, make an abrupt lane change, make a speedy turn, and so on. Really? How the junk do they not see me? I'm in a frickin bright red car! Kind of stands out from the others. (It's true. I have no trouble finding my car in a parking lot.) You have to have good enough vision to even get a license, so what's going on? Either there has been some sort of phenomenon and the world is going blind, or society as a whole is becoming ruder and more stupid. Hmmm...I'm going with the latter.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Haunted Halloween

Each year, for the last several years, my friends and I go to haunted houses, forests, etc. When you go with the right group, it's actually more entertaining than scary. To demonstrate, I would like to share a few of the many memories with you.

  • Rocky Point Haunted Mansion: My friend sicked one of the spooks from the insane asylum on me. He came up behind me to scare me, but it just so happened that at the same time I was startled by something else in front of me. I jumped back and accidentally rammed this spook into the wall. He then proceeded to follow me and torture me, for revenge I'm sure.
  • Rocky Point Haunted Mansion: My friends and I were in the last stretch of the mansion, which was a really long and empty hallway. We saw the end and started to relax. Then, my friend in very back heard the chain saw rev up and started yelling, "Chain saw guy! Chain saw guy!" It was like slow motion, the rest of us turned our heads back, dropped our jaws, turned and began to push and shove to try not to get caught. My friend, who had warned us of the danger, ended up in back anyway. Hey, when it comes to chain saw guys, it's every man form himself.
  • Rocky Point Haunted Mansion: We reached the area where Wolfman was supposed to be. It was a misty wooded area with a gypsy lady at the beginning. We didn't see an exact path to take so we asked her which way to go. In a very dramatic response she loudly moaned, "Into the forest!" We said, "Yes, we know, but which path?" Which was interrupted by, "Into the forest!" We dubbed her crazy and moved forward. B and I were in front, D and Br were in back. B and I saw absolutely nothing and proclaimed as we were leaving that that was ridiculously stupid. My friends D and Br on the other hand did see Wolfman, right next to their faces. They freaked out and pushed us forward.
  • Haunted Forest: They warn you not to run as you go in because there are roots and things sticking up and they don't want people getting hurt. (Really? Who's not going to run?) We were doing OK until, once again, there were chain saw guys. Three of them popped out from the bushes. I started to run, but D came up behind me and grabbed me from behind in a tight bear hug so I wouldn't. I was still trying to run and get away, so I was slowly dragging D forward. I think it must have been quite an scene for the chain saw guys to see.
  • Rocky Point Haunted Mansion: We were going through the Pirates of the Caribbean section (totally cool) and D got freaked out by some water entering the boat and jumped back and stepped on Da's foot. Da said, "Really? Out of all the things to get freaked out about, you get freaked out by water."
  • Different Haunted Forest: We entered the insane asylum part, with this crazy dude with weird contacts. He did not freak me out. What did freak me out was this little spider that wasn't even a part of the asylum, it was just there. Yeah, I got out of there as fast as I could.
  • Haunted Hay Ride: Again, there were chain saw guys. Luckily I was in the middle of the wagon, so they couldn't reach me. But instead of a chain saw guy getting in my face, a complete stranger freaked out and jumped into my lap and held on for dear life. Slightly awkward.
  • Nightmare on 13th: We were going through this maze and I was leading the way. Well, actually I was just following the people in front of us. As I was following, this big spook popped out and blocked our way and would not let us pass. We tried to reason with him to let us pass. I didn't realize this at the moment, but as we were trying to persuade him I was actually poking him in chest. Why I was poking a random stranger dressed as a spook, I don't know.
  • Nightmare on 13th: As you're waiting in line to enter, you can watch screens that show people going through it. Hilarious! Especially at the Bate's Motel area. People were jumping over the bed, cowering in a corner, clothes-lining their friends by tugging on the back of their shirts, etc. We noticed where the spook was, the shower. So, we were prepared. We got to that part and he wasn't coming out. I was at the end and just knew that he would jump out on me. Nope. He had changed spots and scared the junk out of my friend who was in front.
Well, I ended up sharing more memories than I originally planned, and these aren't even half of them. I hope you are as entertained as I am by these. Probably not, but whatever. I enjoyed the memories.