Monday, May 17, 2010

What does a dead coyote say?

So, this story is not my own, but I thought it was so frickin' funny that I needed to share it with the world...well, at least those who actually read my blog that I haven't updated in 3 months. I am warning you now though, it is a little gross. When my roommate, B, was around two, her uncle was staying with them and he was a hunter. One day he had shot a coyote, and he took it back to B's home. For some reason, who knows why, B decided to repeatedly jump on the dead coyote, which would wheeze every time she landed on it. Gross, I know, but here's the funny part. Her uncle would then get the biggest kick out of asking her, "What does a dead coyote say?" and B's response was a big, wheezing "hehhh!"

Let me just say that I love my roommates and I love their stories.